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If you're looking for high quality and personal service for your entire family or friends, you've come to the right place. At Beyond Chiropractic, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy.
Pain is not normal, yet it is a common occurrence that many people have become accustomed to on a daily basis. That is why our doctor will carefully listen to you and gently treat you so that you can get out of pain as quickly as possible and get back to your normal way of living!

Our Services
Chiropractic Care is a natural form of health care that uses adjustments to correct spinal misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally.
Therapeutic Exercises are individually tailored to help you with maintenance of your body's range of motion, strengthening of weakened muscles, and increased joint flexibility.

Auto Injury Cases are treated with professionalism and care to ensure a quick, yet maximal recovery from injuries sustained from your accident.

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Massage can support healing of injuries such as tendonitis and muscle strains.  It can reduce fatigue, insomnia and tension, improve digestion through abdominal massage, and stimulate weak inactive muscles.
Look to Beyond Chiropractic for the relief of the following conditions:

- Neck Pain
- Back Pain
- Whiplash
- Sciatica
- Arthritis
- Sprains/Strains
- Carpal Tunnel
- Tendonitis
- TMJ Disorder
- Migraines/Headaches
- Herniated and Bulging Discs
- and other Musculoskeletal Conditions

Nutritional Counseling will analyze your various health needs in regards to diet and exercise. We will set achievable health goals and teach various ways of maintaining these goals throughout your lifetime.

My daughter fell while skating. When she came home, she could barely walk. Right away I knew she needed chiropractic care. [After treatment], my daughter got off Dr. Thomas' table and was able to walk better right away. By the next day, she was back to her normal schedule and was able to play golf which she loves so much!    -Carolyn G.

I feel incredible. I did not believe that Chiropractic care could help as much as it has. Thank you Dr. Thomas. I have Multiple Sclerosis and arthritis. [Chiropractic] has greatly improved my ability to move.   - Scott W.

It’s great to get a full night’s sleep on a regular basis without the chronic pain.   - Howard B.

I was very well adjusted by Dr. Thomas after having horrible neck tightness and pain. After treatment, neck therapy and being adjusted, I have no more neck or arm pains.    - Shantel E.

Coming to Beyond Chiropractic has definitely had a positive impact on my body, on my life! Along with contributing to the improvement of my fibromyalgia, Dr. Thomas has virtually eliminated the back pain and tightness I have had for more than 15 years. In 3 short months, I have experienced such a relief in pain that I now recommend Dr. Thomas to any of my friends and family that have similar complaints. One of my favorite things about my treatment is how attentive Dr. Thomas is to any and all physical issues I am experiencing. I am also very pleased with the effectiveness of the recommended diet changes, stretches and exercises. I will continue my maintenance treatment with Beyond Chiropractic to improve my wellbeing for years to come.   - Faith W.

I have been treated by Dr. Thomas for approximately 3 months. I had tingling sensations in my shoulders, elbows and hands. Since being treated, all tingling has ceased. I was in a head-on [car] collision and her treatments have helped my back, also. I had a real tender spot that hurt when touched. I no longer have the tender spot.    - Ethel B.

Dr. Thomas, I would like to thank you for taking such good care of my unfortunate aches and pains. Your healing hands have allowed me to make tremendous strides in pain management for a back that has experienced several back injuries over the years through more than a few auto accidents. Your bedside manner makes me comfortable trusting your judgment in my course of treatment. To this end, I am very pleased with your result driven course of action that you have taken in considering my health holistically. For this, I am so very thankful. You are proof that hard work and persistence will always meet its mark. Once again, thank you for your undying service.   - Everett L.

I had a bad fall (going sideways) down the stairs, stretched out in an effort to stop falling. Enduring tremendous pain, and not being able to move my arm at all, I put it in a sling and kept going to work, not able to use my arm. Not only had I badly injured my rotator cuff, but by not seeking professional intervention at that time and for a few weeks, I made it worse by developing frozen shoulder and much scar tissue from the sling. Surgery was not an option for me and I never contacted my PCP (from my own investigating I realized that a high percentage of individuals who get the surgery for the rotator cuff had to endure more than one surgery). Surgery was not for me. Therefore, I DID contact Dr. Thomas. Her therapy and knowledge in chiropractic had me on the road to recovery immediately. From not being able to use my arm at all, and enduring pain in every movement, to a recovery of complete and painless full range of motion...I couldn't believe it. I feel great. All the strength, movement and full range of motion was back. What a blessing!!    - Teresa N.

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